Thursday, May 1, 2008

Surfjan Stevens - A Free Man in Paris

Today's track came to me in a most unusual method. I was folding laundry and decided to turn on one of the music channels from Verizon. I found a channel that seemed interesting enough and set to folding socks and hanging shirts when a chorus of horns called to me from the television.

Well, to my surprise was the name of a man, band, woman.... who knew who or what a Surfjan Stevens is - sounds a bit like a bad Beach Boys song but who am I since I refer to myself as Jammin' Junkie...

The song "A Free Man in Paris" was playing through my TV and just caught me. This was wonderful - new music, new musician - I was excited!

Take a listen to "A Free Man in Paris" by Surfjan Stevens, who is a apparently one person with a unique name, from the album A Tribute to Joanie Mitchell.

Have you ever been turned onto a song in an odd way? Just curious where else I can find jems.

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