Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cover of the Month - Hey Jude

I am obsessed with the data that Last.FM provides me. I am using it to broaden my musical experiences (more on that at another time) and it helps me to come up with ideas for my blog.

Reviewing my recently played list I remember listening to "Hey Jude" in the car and really jammin' to it. Of all the Beatles songs, Jude isn't in my top 20, but on the occasions that it catches you right it is real treat.

I know Jude has been covered by plenty of bands, so I sent out on a search to find them ALL, or at least musicians that remotely sound familiar.

So here they are:
  • Hey Jude was covered by Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Soul Stew Revival at the Wanee Festival on April 12, 2008 LISTEN TO THIS!!!!
  • Hey Jude - From the Across the Universe soundtrack, performed by Joe Anderson
  • Hey Jude - From Wilson Pickett's Album Hey Jude with Duane Allman. Duane's weaving through the horns at the end of this track left me wishing for another 2 minutes.
  • Hey Jude - What list would be complete without Tom Jones' version
  • Hey Jude covered by String Cheese Incident in Utah on February 13, 2000. This is strictly instrumental, and therein lies its beauty.
  • Hey Jude was covered by O.A.R. (...of a Revolution) to encore their April 6, 2005 show
  • Hey Jude made an appearance in Jamaica when The Brain Damaged Eggmen (Members of the Disco Biscuits & Umphrey's Mcgee) covered it on December 16, 2007 in Jamaica. Unfortunately this cover is completely forgettable and uninspired. This show also has other Beatles covers as well as Pink Floyd stuff.
  • Hey Jude is part of Strangefolk's set list from August 10, 1996
  • After not playing Hey Jude for 20 years The Grateful Dead brought it back on March 22, 1990. Typically they played the final chorus of Jude which flowed beautifully from, most times, a Dear Mr. Fantasy. In this show they play Hey Jude->Dear Mr. Fantasy->Hey Jude Refrain.
  • Here is a link to Hey Jude covered by Lovedog. I found this surfing the net looking for Jude covers and thought I would share.
I am trying to track down Elvis Presley's version of Hey Jude and all I can find right now is this You Tube clip:

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