Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Resurfacing

Over the past 8 years I have attempted to be a presence in the live music world starting with EACing the Black Crowes Live @ The Joint and then FTPing it to some friendly trader and later serving that same file up on DirectConnect. Later I found myself creating CD cover art and using free websites to host and share the completed work.

A wife, three children, and a career later my love for music and desire to contribute to the community still exists; however, my focus has shifted. My days no longer allow me the opportunity to listen to complete concerts day in and day out so I now keep my ears and eyes out for lightning in a bottle, unique covers, brilliant song combinations and the ever elusive studio track that makes me say "whoa - what was that?" This blog will focus on those songs in addition to any other music I feel obligated to comment on.

So, here is my first offering to the internet. I often search in search of something unique and I was drawn to Jack Johnson's Kokua Festival torrent.

I can dig on Jack occassionaly, especially if I'm drivin' on one of those beautiful west-central Florida afternoons with the perfect combination of warmth and wind... I digress.

Anyway what caught my attention about the Kokua setlist was "A Pirate Looks at 40". Turns out this was the encore from the Dave & Tim set and well, I had to to listen. I was not disappointed as it is just as much fun as the original with the right emphasis in the right places.

The full show is available here.

Los Lobos - NFA>Bertha
via FoxyTunes

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